Rhythm of Nothingness is an interdisciplinary project, turning towards philosophical literature with regards to cultural ecology,

phenomenology and schizoanalysis. The visual part has manifested in photographs and cinemagraphs
that play with the dangers of sealing ourselves into an exclusively human field of online interactions (which I see as a
virtual extension of our own nervous system) and where the magic of radical otherness is lost. For me, the well-being
of ourselves, for one another and the planet are inextricably linked to reimagining the politics of enchantment.
Thus, the written part of the project explores how we can reach a state of empathic self-love; one that cannot be
dissociated from the well-being of others and the ‘more-than-human’ of the earth,
and which honours the sanctity of air and of solidarity.

Showing at Central Saint Martins grad show, ‘The Dwelling of a Flower Picked Yesterday’, until 22 June 2022.

Photos and cinemagraphs made in collaboration with Grant James-Thomas and Gary David Moore.

Mres Art Theory and Philosophy’22